Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Allentown Home Inspection Video

Bucks County Home Inspection

Bucks County Home Inspection
Bucks County is home to some of the oldest homes in the Pennsylvania. The older a home might be, the more things that a home inspector must be aware of when doing a Bucks County home inspection. Our inspection firm has assisted home buyers in Bucks County with dependable home inspections since 1997. Our company enjoys serving the Bucks County people with a honorable service.

How Much Does A Bucks County Home Inspection Cost?

A Bucks County Home Inspectionvaries in cost. The factors or variables that adjust is the square footage of the home. Our company is fair priced. We are not the cheapest in the Bucks County area. We feel that a home inspection in Bucks County should be about the quality information given to the home buyer. Not the price. The cheapest price is rushed and hurried home inspection.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lehigh Valley Home Inspection

Integrity Inspection is proud to serve the Lehigh Valley area with proper home inspections since 1997. Providing a Lehigh Valley Home Inspection for a new home buyer is not just about building a report but providing information the home buyer can relate too. The home buyer needs to know what is the cause for certain remarks or comments about the home. Having this understanding about the home allows the home buyer to have a better buying experience. Our Lehigh Valley home inspectors have no problem explaining into detail what is in the home inspection report.

Is A Lehigh Valley Home Inspection Really Needed?

Our company has seen the market grow and fall do to the inflation the housing bubble. As new home buyers purchase a home in the Lehigh Valley area, a new home buyer needs to know the condition of the home. A Lehigh Valley Home Inspection gives the home buyer the ability to know what the current condition of the home. A report can even give the home buyer the advantage of knowing what future hazards could be awaiting. This could save thousands of dollars with proper maintenance.

Integrity Inspection believes in being there for the home buyer even after the home has been purchased. Our company believes in offering consultations to the new homeowner after 6 months of purchasing the home.

Can A Home Buyer Provide Their Own
Lehigh Valley Home Inspection?

No, a Lehigh Valley Home Inspection can not be done by just anyone. The technology that a home inspector has to have to provide a proper Lehigh Valley Home Inspection is extensive. The training is an on going process with the years that continue to pass. Integrity Inspection has over a decade of experience in providing Lehigh Valley Home Inspections for home buyers and home sellers. This experience is inevitable to providing a proper home inspection. The experience allows us to have a proper understanding of a home and what certain things that are repetitive in homes in the Lehigh Valley area.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lehigh Valley Home Inspector

Each of our certified Lehigh Valley Home Inspectors services each home at designated times. Each inspector conducts two inspections a day, one at 10 AM and the second one at 2:30 PM. This allows our service to be professional and detailed. Most home inspectors booked three jobs in a day. At Integrity Inspection, our certified Lehigh Valley Home Inspectors provide a quality service that keeps the home buyer's mind at ease that the inspection is at the highest standards.

What Can A Home Buyer Expect From A Lehigh Valley Home Inspector?

Here at Integrity Inspection our belief system is that every one of our Lehigh Valley Home Inspectors provide each inspection to our highest standard. The expectations are high for each inspector to peform their job to our standard. We offer a 200% gurantee with all our Lehigh Valley home inspections. There are someone requirements for each inspection where the homeowner must be present durin the Lehigh Valley home inspection with our Lehigh Valley Home Inspector. Please visit our gurantee page to find out more: Guarantee.

Why Hire Integrity for Your Lehigh Valley Home Inspector?

Integrity Inspection has served the Lehigh Valley area for over twelve plus years. Here at Integrity Inspection, we consider ourselves as a full inspection firm. Offering not just home inspections but Radon Inspections, Termite Inspections, Septic Inspections, and Home Energy Audits for ever home.

Each year we make sure that each of one of our Lehigh Valley home inspectors has the latest training. We make sure that our standards of technology are the highest compared to our competitors. Our reports are given ample time and filled out beyond the normal home inspection report.

Our information is biast, truethful and full of Integrity. Our company depends on our reputation. Integrity Inspection is Lehigh Vally's most honest and knowledgeable home inspector. Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at our testimonials.

Allentown Home Inspection

Receiving an Allentown Home Inspection is one of the most important items on the list of buying a home. A home inspection provides information and details about the home that homebuyers and agents may have not been able to see. Hiring Integrity Inspections allows you the home buyer a peace of mind in knowing that you'll receive an unbiased report on the homes current condition. Larry with Integrity Home Inspections has provided hundreds of Allentown Home Inspections over the years. His outstanding service has allowed to build with relationships with some of the top producing real estate agents that count on Integrity Home Inspections for their Allentown Home Inspections.

Can A Home Buyer Provide Their Allentown Home Inspection?

That would not be wise. An Allentown home inspection provided by a Allentown Home Inspector allows the home buyer to receive a third party inspection that informs what hazards may need to be address before purchasing the home. Imagine if you did not purchase an Allentown home inspection for your new home, six months later the roof leak that you have missed becomes a larger problem. The costs would be tremendous for any homeowner.

How Long Has Integrity Inspection Been Providing Allentown Home Inspections?

Integrity Inspection has serviced Allentown, Pa. since 1997. Serving many home buyers with integrity as our model, our Allentown home inspections receive quality reports and detailed pictures about each home. Contact Integrity Inspection for an Allentown Home Inspection.

Allentown Home Inspector

Finding the right Allentown Home Inspector can be difficult and sometimes challenging. With no regulation of Home Inspectors in the state of Pennsylvania, how do you choose the right Allentown Home Inspector. What is difference between one home inspector and the other guy that offers a cheaper price?

These questions are all very valid. The difficult part finding someone to provide a quality home inspection is knowing which one is providing quality information. Here at Integrity Home Inspection, we have provide a free report to ask questions to the Home Inspectors that you are looking to hire on our website Integrity Inspection. This report provides general questions that will help you weed out the inspectors you do not want to hire and the Allentown Home Inspector you do want to hire.

Why Hire An Allentown Home Inspector?

An Allentown Home Inspector, provides quality and detail reporting on what the home's current condition is. Even the most experience home buyers could miss many items of hazards during their own walk through. As a qualified home inspector that has inspected many homes in the Allentown area, I have even seen hazards that a building inspector may have missed. Our dedication and integrity of work has shown so many home buyers in the past that our home inspection is well worth the time and money.

How Does An Allentown Home Inspector Benefit My Purchase?

An Allentown Home Inspector has the ability to find future hazards in the home. With preventive maintenance and our report, items that are reported can be resolved right away. This knowledge of the home could save you the home buyer hundreds if not thousands of dollars.