Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lehigh Valley Home Inspection

Integrity Inspection is proud to serve the Lehigh Valley area with proper home inspections since 1997. Providing a Lehigh Valley Home Inspection for a new home buyer is not just about building a report but providing information the home buyer can relate too. The home buyer needs to know what is the cause for certain remarks or comments about the home. Having this understanding about the home allows the home buyer to have a better buying experience. Our Lehigh Valley home inspectors have no problem explaining into detail what is in the home inspection report.

Is A Lehigh Valley Home Inspection Really Needed?

Our company has seen the market grow and fall do to the inflation the housing bubble. As new home buyers purchase a home in the Lehigh Valley area, a new home buyer needs to know the condition of the home. A Lehigh Valley Home Inspection gives the home buyer the ability to know what the current condition of the home. A report can even give the home buyer the advantage of knowing what future hazards could be awaiting. This could save thousands of dollars with proper maintenance.

Integrity Inspection believes in being there for the home buyer even after the home has been purchased. Our company believes in offering consultations to the new homeowner after 6 months of purchasing the home.

Can A Home Buyer Provide Their Own
Lehigh Valley Home Inspection?

No, a Lehigh Valley Home Inspection can not be done by just anyone. The technology that a home inspector has to have to provide a proper Lehigh Valley Home Inspection is extensive. The training is an on going process with the years that continue to pass. Integrity Inspection has over a decade of experience in providing Lehigh Valley Home Inspections for home buyers and home sellers. This experience is inevitable to providing a proper home inspection. The experience allows us to have a proper understanding of a home and what certain things that are repetitive in homes in the Lehigh Valley area.


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